In These Times That Test Us


It is quite tempting to be thankful
for this day’s dawning
even as we should not be so, by any means.

For these times, which test the mettle of men and women,
afford us this unusually rare opportunity
to see — in all their uncovered ignominy —
the sunshine patriots and summer soldiers among us:
they who, like the weeds,
would kiss the soil at the slightest huff of the wind.
It is not difficult in times like these
to recognize those
who would stand proud amidst the fiercest storms,
like the narra and the molave,
and refuse to settle for anything less
than the most glorious of triumphs.

Hell is not easily conquered, and neither is tyranny.
To conquer them, we must all be willing to walk
where even angels fear to tread,
and not just wait for the day of glory to come,
for it will not come of its own accord.

But cowardice, like misery, loves company
and would search the earth end to end for it,
even as it rarely dares to show its face.

In these times,
the ones with cotton spines among us are fully unclothed —
and we see who should be left by the wayside
as we march on against the storm.


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